New For 2012: Creative Writing Workshops

We believe that keen observation and clear expression are critical to any career. As a approved Writing in the Major course for Biology, we will be offering  a regular series of writing workshops in 2012.  We'll  have 6 workshops during the course. Five of these will be focused on a specific type of writing, and the sixth will draw from a personal journal that you will keep during the course. For the five focused workshops  we'll present a general topic, assign a relevant essay by some of our favorite writers, and give you a week or two to work on it. Then, as a class we'll read and discuss your work. Faculty will offer editing suggestions. 

 Topics and Essays:
1. Objects and Artifacts.
            "Collecting Nature" by Anne Fadiman
2. Night Writing
            "A Literature of Place" by Barry Lopez
3. Character
            "About Ed Ricketts" by John Steinbeck
4. Changing Place

5. Exploration